Feature Request: Extendet Manual

The current manual contains descriptions of the operating elements and the project structure of VST Live. What is missing are detailed descriptions of how to create one (or more) setlists and how to create and arrange songs using the different options using Cubase files and without Cubase files and how the setlist can be played back with different options and hardware setups (DMX). Either as an extended manual or additional manual or even better as YouTube video tutorials. There is also a lack of sample files with which you can familiarize yourself and with which you can discover the possibilities in VST Live.

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Sample Project to come very soon.

Setlists can be created as described in the manual page 23 (top left “SETLIST” item).
“How to create Songs” is also described (page 25) - well, click the plus sign or “Add Song”…what else do you want to know?
Cubase Import provides an option Dialog describing how (new project, current Song, Parts from Arranger Track etc).

Playback is started with Transport. What you mean “different options”?
Hardware is handled in Devices/Connections and depends on what you have connected.
Nevertheless, the manual will be updated over time so thanks for letting us know what is missing.


I agree manual is missing basic steps such as in order to import Cubase project you have to export and then import in VST live. Is that documented anywhere? I am not able to find it.


Page 20 of the manual.
Export out of Cubase (in the file menu) and import that media project into VST Live.

Copied and pasted from Page 20 of the manual.

Media (Cubase) Projects
Media (Cubase) Projects contain the tracks of a Song.
• To import a Media (Cubase) Project, select File > Import Media Project.
• To export a Media Project, select File > Export Media Project

I am not finding where it says you should export the project in Cubase and then import in VSL pro?

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This is for export from VST Live for import to Cubase. If you want to export from Cubase to import in VST Live, choose "File/Export…/VST Live in Cubase.

…and that is in VST Live again, where you import the project you exported in Cubase.
Also in VST Live, you can export for import to Cubase - phew :slight_smile:

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I got it. Thank you for the clarification. Just pointing out then the manual should be updated to reflect that clearly.

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I did exported one project from cubase to VST Live. However, In Cubase it did not show me any tracks to select to export. I did it anyways. Once I imported the project in VST Live, it does not look right. You can see from the images. What am I doing wrong?