Feature request: External Instrument presets

Hello everyone,

I have different audio routing set-up in my workflow, and that impact what audio input I use for my various external synths.
I really don’t understand how the Favorites feature works and i always have to re-do all my synths input each time I change my audio routing set-up.
It would be wayyyyy easier to have the same Presets’ feature as we have in the Inputs or Control Room section of the “Audio Connections” set-up.

Unless it’s already possible today and I just didn’t see how to do it?

Don’t you have these (or an equivalent in the ‘Favorites’ dropdown list) ?

So, after having created an external instrument you can right click on its label and choose the Add to Favorites command to have it in the said list, from one Cubase session to another. Works perfectly, here…

Yes that’s what i do.
So i have 3 different audio configurations (different audio interface / aggregate device), so i have created 3 favorites for each of my external instruments.

  1. But as you know, if you open say a template where you have already put all external synth in tracks, you cannot delete it in the Audio connection window. So i need to delete all VST tracks first and then delete each one, one by one in the window, add them again with the corresponding favorite version i need and then re-add each VST track
  2. Would be great to have one preset that include / recall say 10 different favorites, in one click.
  3. Would be great to be able to delete 10 external instruments, in one click, so say MAJ + all and it selects all, and then you right click and Delete them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that…

OK, I understand the need. Haven’t thought of that, I admit, as I always use the same audio interface. This said, maybe you could set different template projects for all the potential situations, as a workaround. Not ideal, but well…

That’s exactly what i have done.
Different template per audio connection set-up indeed