Feature Request: Extra small program window

I do Live recordings using Wavelab. Due to limited screen space I need to reduce the size of the program window to about the size of the recording window (760x620px).
Up to Wavelab 10 it was possible to reduce the size of the program window very much. In Wavelab 11 the program window cannot be made smaller than 1280x960px.
So I need Wavelab 11 either to be made as small as Wavelab 10 or to make a “remote control” like hiding the program window and only show the recording-window.
Thank you for looking into this - best regards, David

Yes you can, see this screenshot:

Thank you ! I never thought to try this out: So the “Solo” button reduces the size of the recording window. But what about the program window itself? When I minimize Wavelab altogether the recording window also disappears. But I would need to keep track of the recording levels. Is there a setting that I just didn’t find? Thank you very much for your answer. Best regards, David

What do you mean?

This can’t be resized little too much. This can’t be changed. This is why there is this “solo” mode.

When I do a recording I want to see the recording window (to check if levels are ok) but the Wavelab 11-program window is too large The program window of Wavelab 10 can indeed be made as small as I want. Could this not also be feasible in version 11?
See this screenshot of version 10:

The recording window has a level meter, hence what level do you want to see in the main window?

That’s the point. I want to “hide” the much larger program window behind the recording window but I can’t make it as small as in version 10.

No if you press the button “Solo” in the recording window only this window is visible, just try it.

regards S-EH

Thank you and that is true BUT when I switch to another app (at least on my PC running Windows 11) and I switch back to Wavelab then the Wavelab program window is visible again and not only the recording window. That is quite inconvenient since in my setting I need to switch to other apps during a recording session. Therefore if version 11 won’t be able to behave like version 10, I am afraid I havve to stick to the old version (which is a pity). Maybe there will be a fix that the oprogram window can indeed be made much smaller - please? :slight_smile:

I see, yes hopefully PG can make it better :wink:

regards S-EH

Maybe this can help you:

Thank you very much for looking into this and calling ever more possibilities to my attention but unfortunately your suggestion doesn’t work in my setting.
When I switch from Wavelab to another app and return to Wavelab the program window is as visible as before. Thus I would really appreciate it if version 11 can be made as small as version 10. After all it was possible in the last version.
Best regards, David