Feature Request: Fader strip behavior


So there is no real fader on all of these things. So here I propose a banging idea (and I want credit for it too!)

INSTEAD of having to slide your finger up or down to latch the control on the touch strip, make it endless in either direction.

SO, it you wanted to raise the level on the track, all you would have to do is slide your finger up the touch strip and the same goes for decreasing the level.

To explain a different way, think of a laptop mouse pad. When you want to move the mouse down, all you do is slide your finger down the mouse pad. If you hit the end of the pad, you lift your finger and move it up, touch and slide down again.

Also, make the shift button latchable (holding shift down latches it on) and you can lock the fader in fine adjustment.

There you have it. You don’t have to stare or hunt on the pad to latch and fade! :mrgreen:

Woo HOO!

I guess it’s too late to say I had the same idea :mrgreen: (I actually started - and subsequently canned - the development of such a device) - but having this implemented in the CMCs would be super-duper-great - so great in fact that I’d snap up a couple of them on the spot. And, I assume this would be easy to do in the driver part?