Feature Request: Faderport 8 and Faderport 16 use in native mode

Faderport 8 is a very good controller surface. I really like to get it work and control Cubase deeper with this device. For that I like to ask Cubase programmers or someone else to implement Faderport 8 and the soon comming Faderport 16 in Cubase, so that it is available from the controller list. With Nuage there is a controller which allows all the settings which I like to control without using the mouse, but I can´t affort this very expensive device. Unfortunately Steinberg does not offer own hardware controller and users have to look for othe solutions.
If you have a look at Presonus Studio One3 and the possiblities user gets with Faderport 8 you get jellous when you compare it to Cubase.