FEATURE REQUEST: "Feature Requests & Suggestions" subsection for Dorico Forum?

I would love rulers and/or snap-to guides like in publishing software.

One hack you can use in the meantime is to draw an image frame between items you want to line up; this allows you to use the bright pink edge to nudge your items, and then you can simply delete the frame as soon as you’re done. It requires a few extra steps, but the precision of the results is worth it.

This is the method I use when I want to make that verse numbers line up between staves. (Currently they don’t and certain hymns can look positively sloppy until you correct it.)

I use an app called Free Ruler for these purposes. It does exactly what it says on the tin :wink:

Don’t know why I’d never thought to look, but I had no idea such apps existed. Just downloaded “rulers” in the mac store. amazing. exactly what I needed.

Sorry everyone…what is this exactly and how would it aid workflow in Dorico?

Real time midi recording. Dorico already has it…

And just to chime in, there are several for Windows as well. I like this one: https://github.com/andrijac/ruler

:bulb: For now I found the solution of cutting and pasting the selection to a new player and lower or raise the velocity there with the line tool, and paste it back in the original player afterwards. How simple can it be.

I means you can play notes in real time (with a metronome) on e.g. a midi keyboard (or midi guitar or midi wind controller) for inputting them in Dorico. i do it all the time and it really speeds up the workflow, especially if you’re an instrumentalist.

Oh dear, just realised that request was from 2018. I thought I’d missed something. Cheers everyone.

Thanks for this - a very useful app.

Hello everyone,

in my workflow, it would save me a lot of time with this features :

  • automatic breaks after multirests in parts and an automatic “fit in x pages” function.
  • the ability to set anothers transpositions for parts (very usefull for windband music)
  • a smarter explode function when working with a mix of voices and chords (after xml import)

I’m a very satisfied user of Dorico. Many of my wishes have been included in the last versions, espacially the condensed feature wich is very impressive and time saving.

I really hope these 3 requests to be developped in the next version.

I would LOVE a “fit in x pages” function, especially if it was assignable per flow. This would be amazing for keyboard editions.

Not to mention choral works. I’m often aiming for four or eight sides…

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Oh my goodness. This would be incredible.

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+1 for “fit in x pages”. Great idea and will save a huge amount of time.

Absolutely! Another +1 from me!

I had the same thought right after I pressed “submit” but was too lazy to go back and edit the original post. I wholeheartedly agree: this would make formatting octavos so much easier.

+1 for this feature

a button on the device setup dialog [reset sample rate]

it would save me a button click a few times a week, but more importantly, it might be more intuitive for people wondering why their playback is 1/2 step off.

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Capo for chord symbols.

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