Feature Request - File browser with Windows Explorer capabilities

Hi PG,

I often find myself wishing that I could operate within the file browser the same way I do within Windows Explorer… I’d like to be able to instantly create folders, move files, rename files, copy files, etc. Any chance we could see these capabilities added to the file browser?


Well, I understand your wish. In the same time, this is a bit out of scope. I mean, the time could be better spent elsewhere. However, maybe some minimal stuff could be added, like create folders.
BTW, there is already a feature to rename files in WaveLab (not from the file browser).
Personally, I use on a second screen this great software, open all the time, for my file managements: https://www.xyplorer.com

I’ve been opening up Windows Explorer to do these things… it’s not super complicated, but kind of slow and annoying to have to do it. I’d prefer to be able to do these things within the File Browser of Wavelab - in particular:

“create folder”
“rename folder”
“delete folder”
“rename file”
“delete file”

I don’t need anything more advanced… these 5 would be fine. I don’t think this feature request is out-of-scope. I think it would be a very welcome addition to Wavelab - and I’d recommend it be seriously considered for future versions of Wavelab. Maybe one of the next big paid updates or something…

I would 2nd this for Mac Finder.

This one in your list is possible in WL, though not in the file browser but in the file tab. Other than that, I agree it would be very helpful to do all these things from the WL file browser.

On my layout, the file tab is always off the screen - so I have to use the little arrow to get to that tab, and then search for the files in there that I want to rename, and then finally, rename. It’s annoying because I’ve already located the files in the File Browser - the files are right there in front of me, and I can’t do anything with them… so off I go to Windows Explorer so I can do what I need to do… or off I go searching for the file tab, and then the files so I can do what I need to do.

Big advantage of renaming within WL is that all associated files (.gpk, .mrk etc.) are renamed at the same time and the files remain known in WL for the next time.

Yes, that’s a very nice feature. It just seems odd though to have both a files tab and a file browser tab. Maybe the two tabs could be combined into one tab.

Big advantage of renaming within WL is that all associated files (.gpk, .mrk etc.) are renamed at the same time and the files remain known in WL for the next time.

And also: if a montage is opened and uses an audio file that is renamed, then the montage will be updated to point to the renamed file.

Yes, this is awesome too…

Still - Please consider combining the “Files” tab and the “File Browser” tab into one single tab.

Thanks PG, loving using Wavelab overall here… excellent program, and excellent work!


Sorry but I have to disagree. The Files tab and File Browser have always been separate as far back as I remember (Wavelab 4?), because they’re made to display and perform different things. The Files tab displays detailed name and path info about all audio files in the currently selected montage, allows renaming, shows full paths, audio file replacement, reveal in Explorer, etc. but made to be used only with the current montage. I can select another montage and instantly see what’s different in the audio files between the two montages. And I only want to see what audio files are in the current montage, not information about files that aren’t in the montage. I personally don’t want a System File Browser added within that window. The Files tab shows what audio files are in the current montage, just like the Clips, Markers, CD, and Effects Tabs show the clips, markers, CD tracks, and effects in the current montage. It serves as a readout as well as editor for all of those things for the currently selected document (the current montage in this case). It’s as tied to the current montage as the CD Tracks tab is.

Add renaming, subfolder searching, create, move, copy, and more manipulation and options in the File Browser, but I think the File Browser and Files Tab should be completely separate as they always have been, because they have completely different purposes. I never use the File Browser because I find Windows Explorer so much easier to do so many things, so enhancements to the File Browser would be great though.

I see your point as far as keeping them separate.

Like you say though, you never even use the file browser because Windows Explorer is easier… The File Browser is frustrating to use because it exists, but it doesn’t have enough functionality… hence the reason for this thread “Re: Feature Request - File browser with Windows Explorer capabilities”. I know PG probably has other higher priorities, but I just want to emphasize that the File Browser is somewhat important too.

Toader, one thing, you already can Create Folder (right click in the window). According to the manual it’s the one operation you can perform. Trying the File Browser again, one of the things I like is the ability to easily audition any audio file type. Put the little speaker icon on Auto Play, single click an audio file, it plays, another file, it plays. It’s very nice really.

To rename or delete a file, double click it and it’ll open in Wavelab. Go to the File menu (or use the shortcuts) and you can rename or delete it. You can also move the file in the Rename dialog, if you use the Change Folder checkbox.

So it already can Create Folder, Rename File, and Delete File. It just needs to Rename Folder and Delete Folder.

I wondered if Cubase had any major advantages in file management that would be useful in a mastering program. Do you use a file browser in Cubase? I’ve checked the Reaper file manager and it’s nice, and the one major thing it has (for me) is the ability to search subfolders. I search subfolders all the time in Windows Explorer all the time, even using wildcards. That I can’t do with the Wavelab File Browser.

I’m not in the studio at the moment, but when I use Cubase, I rarely have any need for external file management. Cubase assigns a project folder for each project, and the files are auto-named as I record/edit. When a mix is complete, I just render to a unique file name for the mix, or mix revision. I don’t remember ever having any trouble whatsoever in Cubase doing what I want in this regard. I’d have to double check, but if I remember right, within the render dialog, Cubase can do all of the Windows Explorer commands - create folder, rename folder, rename file, etc. I am perfectly happy with the way Cubase handles file management - it’s EXCELLENT in fact. Even when creating new projects, I can create folders, rename folders, etc. within the create project dialog window.

In Wavelab, file and folder management problems seem to come up much more often. I was hoping for a few little added features to make this simpler, but for now I’ll conform to the way Wavelab currently works (start using the FILES menu for some file management functions), or just continue using Windows Explorer. It works - it’s just slow… and it seems to me there is room for improvement. File management seems fairly standard in 90% of every program on earth, but for some reason Wavelab has a different standard.

In many WaveLab places, you can open the system file dialog, from which you can rename, create folders, etc…