Feature Request: Filter Bar Numbers


If there isn’t a way to do this, I’d like to request a Filter-> Bar Numbers option. It’s very time consuming to select each number one by one, because using the lasso usually selects other stuff in between the bar numbers.

It could also be beneficial to have an option so that the bar numbers “stay” in one position instead of jumping around ties or lines. See attached picture.


Bar Numbers.png

There is already an option for this, on the Bar Numbers page of Layout Options: ‘Align bar numbers across width of system’.

It doesn’t work, Daniel. If you select one bar number and nudge it, the others on the system don’t. I’ve just tried.

As far as I can tell, the “align bar numbers across width of system” just looks for collisions, and makes all the bar numbers the same offset on that system.

It would be helpful if “Select More” could apply to bar numbers as well. It doesn’t, currently.

Leo, it’s not supposed to work like that: there’s no option for anything in Dorico to make the automatic positioning of a bunch of non-edited items match the position of something you’ve nudged. The ‘Align bar numbers across width of system’ option certainly does work: it ensures that all bar numbers are at the same vertical position across the width of the system by default.

Daniel, I read the OP and I viewed the attached image. My reading of it is that the OP wants to be able to nudge all of the bar numbers on a system simultaneously. He/she/they is/are not suggesting that individual bar numbers are jumping around, rather that whole systems worth of bar numbers are moving together, by default. It was with that interpretation in mind that I argued that the “‘Align bar numbers across width of system’.” doesn’t work.

Daniel, would it be possible to include “Select More” to apply to bar numbers in a future update? That would be the easiest fix here, at least from the user’s perspective. No idea about the programming involved.

It would also keep from further expanding the already intimidating filter list…

Align bar numbers across width of system is very useful, but being able to select them at once would be time saving, specially when there are many parts and songs involved.

Attached is the look I’m going for. When there’s no ties or lines, it looks great, but when there is something in the way, the bar numbers move way out of the way, even when aligned.
Bar Numbers 2.jpg

Bar numbers are not real items, so it’s complicated to select them. Nothing’s impossible, of course, but it’s not simply a matter of adding another branch to the existing Select More code.

It’s quite common in MT (Finale?) templates to have bar numbers that don’t ever try to avoid collisions. Presumably this is applicable to other genres too. For example like this:

At the danger of making assumptions and telling developers what to do, I wonder if, rather than making it possible to select multiple bar numbers in order to quickly fight the software’s collision avoidance, it might be worth having a Layout Option that just tells Dorico to put bar numbers exactly x units above/below the staff? It would be up to the user to get the final tweaking right, but in the case of the OP, certainly, it would result in significantly less manual labour. I daresay it wouldn’t be easy to implement, but it might be easier than implementing a “select more” function for rules-generated items.