Feature Request: Filter Envelope amount, modulable

I like to build my own presets (with sample input and those engines, Padshop gives a lot of satisfactions) and I sometimes try and push Padshop to some limits. For instance the ADSR level envelope is fine 90% of the times, but sometimes I like that one layer enters lately and the ADSR does not have an initial silence. I discovered that I may link Env3 to the level in modmatrix and it will substitute the ADSR: Env3 can be used for level (and the ADSR level envelope used for modulating other sources). That’s very clever out of Steinberg! (and Env 3 can do an initial silence, and also some more flexible transformations)
So, it is a pity that the Filter has an ADSR Envelope, that cannot be substituted similarly. It indeed has an Envelope knob for the amount, but this is not available as a destination for modmatrix: hence the filter presence in the layer cannot be controlled by Env3 or the smoothed stepped controllers in the Arp page.
I know that any knob can be MIDIcc linked and I can write animation in Cubase, but this would be a Cubase project data, not a Padshop preset data that I can save and bring to another Cubase project. I hope I am clear.

Is there anybody in this forum who would also like to have the filter envelope amount available, or that thinks that I am missing something in controlling the filter level amount? Thanks for reading