Feature request: Filter for 'everything that is pushed forward by accidentaly using insert mode'

I would like to have a way to easily restore my erroneous usage of insert mode. Currently, I can filter all notes after such an error, and then I have to restore all my slurs, comparing my current file version to an auto saved one, and that takes too much time.

Alternatively, it would be so nice if all input modes would be reset to their default values when leaving note input mode. (i.e. chord mode, insert mode, lock to duration, and pitch before duration.) Then I would not have to keep track of the current application state, which is apparently too hard, and instead rely on muscle memory for note input (e.g. always press q before inputting chords, etc.)

I use Ctrl-Z :slight_smile:

No thanks. The things that annoy me most are those which don’t retain their current values - in particular slashed and unslashed grace notes.

Alternatively, I would like some way of having a large flashing light and/or air raid siren going off when I’m in Insert Mode - so I know to immediately switch it off after I’ve done the insert :slight_smile:

Ha ha… been there… done that!