Feature Request: "Filter __" Pop-Over

As handy as my stream deck set up is right now, what would be even more handy is a Pop-over that can select what I put in there.

I love the Pop-Overs in Dorico, and would love to select specific objects as easily as I can do other things with them.


You mean the Select More feature without initially selecting an item? Or the Filter function without having already selected a passage?

Sorry, I mean filter, having already selected a passage.

This is a really interesting idea. I’m surprised no one (that I’ve read anyway) has proposed this sooner.


Nice idea. Following.

if you do this, perhaps add keep(+)/remove(-) operators ?

select +(forward from cursor) …# up|dn|backwards etc… skip if selection already active, +/- relative to current selection
filter +(upper voice)
filter -(quarter notes)
filter +(slurs)

could add booleans { +((upper voice) || (lower voice)) } but perhaps that’s going too far.

I’m not sure how much this filter popover would actually help. We already have the filter command in the contextual pop-up menu (which I just realized - I wish I had known this earlier!). It seems just as fast, at least on my laptop, to invoke the pop-up menu as it would be to invoke a popover.

Also, on Mac, if you type the first letter of an item in the contextual menu, it’s immediately selected. So in some ways this seems actually faster than a popover; and you don’t have to remember what to type, once you are in the popover.

I would disagree with you. I think some elements of the Context Menu could be further broken down into a pop-over, e.g. “note c##” (for C double sharp or something) or simply writing “trill” into a pop-over and thereby selecting all trills (and not other elements), etc.

Oh, Yes
So I could finally have all those filter-options back, my former music-app had. And what a smooth way to handle the filtering, without learning any shortcuts. Thumbs up here!

or simply writing “trill” into a pop-over and thereby selecting all trills (and not other elements), etc

I just tried this:

  1. Invoke contextual menu, after making a selection
  2. Type F for filter
  3. Type O for Ornaments and Trills
  4. Arrow down to get past “octave lines”

I’m not sure how much slower this is than invoking a popover and typing Trill. But, it’s always good to have more than one way of doing something. It doesn’t seem urgent to me, though; more like something that would be nice to have. Just my 2 cents!

This is an amazing idea and I hope they implement it! +1!
Once you invoke this “filter” popover, you could type e.g. “dyn” for all dynamics, “grad dyn” for gradual dynamics, etc. This would be a really smart time saver.