Feature Request: Filtering for Notes doesn't include Tuplet bracket

As of now (3.0) when one filters for notes the Tuplet bracket is included in the selection. This creates several issues, for example:

  1. When filtering for the top note, if it is included in a tuplet bracket, I have to manually deselect the tuplet bracket before deleting the top notes (otherwise the tuplet is deleted as well!)

  2. When I make a passage selection, filter for just “Notes and Chords” (perhaps to change whether accidentals are shown, etc.) I also have to deselect the tuplet brackets in order to get the properties to show up in the properties panel.

So to recap: including tuplet brackets within a filtering selection for notes creates undesired effects, and in every case means I have to manually deselect the tuplet bracket before I can do what I meant to do very simply (like delete the top notes for a chord etc.)

The one case I can see where keeping the tuplet bracket in the filtered selection would be useful is copying & pasting, but I believe the people at Dorico are smart enough to sort out when that should be carried over, and when not :wink:

This has been discussed before, and I encourage you to seek out some of the earlier discussions on this point. I would look it up for you, but there’s so much going on here at the moment that I don’t feel too bad about leaving this as an exercise for you, dear reader.

No worries, thank you Daniel.

This Lua Script is a workaround for all who may need it:

local app=DoApp.DoApp()