Feature Request: Find Overlapping Notes of Same Pitch

I am requesting a feature similar to the MIDI Function to Delete Overlaps.

Overlaps can be very desirable for legato phrasing.
Simultaneously, they can be very undesirable for consecutive notes of the same pitch as this often leads to dropped notes.

Can we have a feature to Select or Delete overlaps only when the overlapping notes are of the same pitch?

The only way I can figure out how to find these is by scanning for them visually, and they are very easy to miss.

Thank you

Isn’t MIDI>Functions>Delete Overlaps (mono) doing that for you?

Not quite. This will delete ALL overlaps regardless of pitch.

I’m looking for a way to remove overlaps ONLY when the notes are of the same pitch.

Overlaps of different pitches are often desirable … in piano parts, for example. I want to keep those.

Overlaps of the same pitch are highly undesirable. They can lead to dropped notes.

OK … I blew it on this one.

Yes, the (mono) overlap does do that.

Not sure where I got mixed up. Maybe I tried poly when I meant mono.

Thank you for your response Steve. Much appreciated.

Are you sure you’re using delete overlaps (mono)? I just checked here, and it’s working.

Edit: okay, great!