Feature request: Fingerings outside playing techniques

I’d like to request a global setting to place fingerings outside of PT… or better yet, a local stacking option.

In the example below, I need to place the fingerings outside the pizz markings. I know I can do it manually, but that’s a chore.

One would think that the default should be for fingering to be farther from the notes than the smaller articulation markings and playing techniques, like staccato dots, most accents, bowings etc. since this is probably the majority of the cases. But there are cases where fingering might best be closer to the notes than larger indications like sfz. So a local stacking option is highly desirable.

At the moment this isn’t practical for us to achieve, but in the fullness of time (and we’re talking long-term here rather than something coming in the immediate future) we expect to provide greater control over this. For the time being, moving things in Engrave mode is the only practical approach.

Ok, thanks Daniel.