[Feature Request] Flow Switching Dropdown Menu needed in Toolbar.

Supposing that I have more than 10 flows in my project. Every flow is a piece, and the entire project is a book.

Till now, switching between flows requires clicking of the Setup interface, scrolling to the flows you want, and clicking on it.
I guess it can make things faster if providing a flow-switching dropdown menu at either the top toolbar or the bottom status bar.

Use Edit—Go to—Go To Bar…. It lets you pick a flow, and then go to mm. 1 of that flow. Also Go To Previous Flow/Go To Next Flow are good options to assign shortcuts to as well.

Not a bad idea. Or even a forward/backward flow button up by the transport controls.

Thanks for your idea. Though I am afraid this can be less practical than doing through the Setup interface.

Or near the page / gallery view dropdown button in the bottom-right corner of the Window.
I still prefer drop down button. This can help me jump through flows rather than going one after another.

There is a drop-down list in the Go To Bar dialog. Command G, and you’re there.
Screenshot 3.png

You didn’t get my idea. Your idea requires more clicks than clicking through the Setup Mode.
I want that drop down menu immediately clickable in either the toolbar or the status bar of the main window (at least in Write Mode and Engrave Mode).

There was a thread on this a while back - apologies but I can’t find it. It suggested adopting the flow drop-down menu on the Play page on other pages.

I like that idea because I find it’s much too easy within the current setup to navigate to the wrong flow. One of the errors I’m always making is doubleclicking the back to the start of Flow button/keystroke, which, if you do it more than once, takes you right back to the start of the project. If you’re in Write Mode with the playback line hidden when off, there’s absolutely no visual clue that’s what’s just happened.

I’d also like to be able to select rehearsal marks as starting points for playback.

+1 from me. Makes a lot of sense for those with many flows. I sometimes create exercises in all 12 keys. When creating worksheets, exercises, books etc, it would really help to navigate to a flow from the gui.



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Nice idea.

Anyway, since Daniel already knew our ideas, then I guess what we can do at this moment are done. The rest is to wait for possible official good news.

But maybe it gives the OP a little confidence that their idea is not outrageous, and others see value in what they suggest. Maybe it also builds the community, like a pat on the back or something like that?

+1 to that. :mrgreen:

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