Feature Request - Follow Chords Play Bass Note Only

Set a chord track with Am, G/B, Cmaj7 - have a midi track follow this and only play Root Note or Bass Note, not the whole chord. Amazingly this isn’t currently handled.

Follow Chord Track - Root Note would play A, G, C
Follow Chord Track - Bass Note would play A, B, C


Look at live transform, single voice, bass voice.


I have no Live Transform option in my Chords panel

If I try to make some similar settings as shown in the next screenshot, even though it says single voice the instrument on the Komplete Kontrol track plays full chords

Thanks for trying, but it doesn’t work.

Feature request please!

The whole midi sector could do with so much more…

It’s frustrating in this day and age to have to work with many lead layers (doing the same notes/chords) sometimes on different octaves, then the bass layers all individually.
Should be able to just link 1 midi to as many synths as you want and specify for example that the bass synths only play the lowest notes of the midi etc.

I wanna be able to stack things easily and neatly.

While they are at it an easy way to flick between midi patterns please…
cant tell you how many times i am building melodies.
I have my chords, now i want to find a melody/pattern and juggling the many layers is just a nightmare.
Do another lead melody idea with a totally new pattern, then sit there and fix all the chord layers, bass layers separately.
If these layers already had the information of the chords stored, changing the pattern could be as simple as changing one lead melody layer and then the rest of the bass, chord stacks all follow suit… bass only playing low notes from the chord information of course…

Chord tracks are just not the way for this construction.