Feature Request for a new Recoding mode: "Device Record"

Well hear me out :wink:

I started with Maschine lately and think one of the nice features is, that I can press record on the maschine and punch in whatever samples I want. No selection of the lane, not pressing any record button. The cubase project can stay as it be and I can just play along. This is a very nice and uncomplicated workflow.

I actually could do the same with any Midi device in my studio. All it takes is to route the correct midi in and out to the right lane, press record (but that’s Tidious) at that lane and then record my jam.

In my ideal world I would be able set any connected device to “device record mode” and the midi connections are done correctly + For every midi channel I transmit A new lane is created. This way I can set a loop in cubase, start recording and run around from device to device. Instead of hanging around the masterkeyboard and clicking record for each lane. Feels a bit dawless to me;)