Feature Request for "audiogram or audio visualizer" for Wavelab Cast / Element

I’m using Wavelab for podcast production and a missing feature is the ability to generate an “audiogram” aka “audio visualizer” from an audio file. This would be a very handy feature especially for Wavelab Cast which is focussed on podcast production.

Have you considered Voxengo SPAN?

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Hi Poinzy,
Thanks for the suggestion. However, this is more for aesthetics not for mastering audio. Lots of podcasters use this visualizer for visual effects of their audio to make it look nice and attractive (Great for marketing and grabbing audience’s attention). I guess I’ll have to rely on OBS and Da Vinci Resolve to do this. It would be great if this was streamlined within Wavelab / Cast.

Wavelab is really NOT a video editor so…why not use something like DaVinci for that process? WL is not a “Swiss Army Knife”. It is basically a two track audio editor and mastering software. FWIW

Thanks, Thomas. I agree that it’s not ideal for Wavelab buy maybe Wavelab Cast, specifically for podcasters.
Da Vinci’s workflow is quite cumbersome and painfully inefficient for this. I actually found a solution. There’s a simple MacOS app called VSound and it will analyze any sound source and create a visual for that (zero time for it to render). It’s a HUGE timesaver!

It is a program I did not know about but I will check it out.

Thanks for sharing…