Feature Request for CD-Text-Editor: Automatically identify and delete spaces (space characters)

It would be very handy if CD-Text-Editor would delete spaces automatically when i copy and paste track titles and artist names etc. Spaces can be overlooked very easily at the beginning or the end of track names etc. But they can create problems if i don’t delete them.

I find it pretty easy to put the cursor at the end of the name, and then use page up/down to turbo through them all and see if the cursor changes to reveal an empty space at the end of a name.

They’re easier to spot at the beginning of a name/title.

This can also reveal apostrophes that copy and paste wrong. Sometime an apostrophe I copy from a certain person or type of file turns in to a ? in the CD-Text Editor so I just delete it and manually type an apostrophe.

That said, the company that makes the web-player I use for mastering approvals (Samply) has a feature that automatically prunes empty spaces at the end of new project names which at times has been nice.

Thank you very much for your reply! I admit this is not the biggest problem but i just assumed that this feature could be programmed relatively easy and quickly. If it can be solved quickly…why not? One little detail makes no big difference. But if you improve 100 little problems, this will be a significant improvement in the end.

Yes, if there was an “Auto-Prune Blank Spaces At End Of Titles/Fields” option in the CD-Text Editor, I would keep it turned on 100% of the time.