Feature Request for Control Room

  1. Increase the number of monitoring sources to more than 8. This has been requested before I’m sure. When I work I have far more sources I want to double-check at least at the end of the process before I export and right now there are too few sources. Consider clean and censored stereo mix and mix minus narration (4 sources), M&E, MED, Dialog, Music, Effects stems… 9 sources now… Stereo and surround, just double it…

  2. Alternatively - or in addition to this: Consider treating the sources as “slots” where we can click on one and change the source. The way it is currently functioning if I have used up all 8 sources and delete for example source #4 then all the others ‘move up’ so that 5 becomes 4, 6 becomes 5 etc. Since I have tied sources to key commands they now all end up on different keys. So I’d prefer it if I could click in this section:

and a drop down menu would show up and I could swap the source rather than delete/create new. That would avoid the nuisance of keeping track of where the sources have moved to on my keys.


Agreed. I like to make monitor mixes for musicians in the studio, and when it is more than 4, I cannot listen to their mixes on my speakers to adjust easily anymore.

But more cue mixes is another wish somebody had already some years ago.

I can see your problem, so you get a :+1: from my side.

I know it is a slightly different thing, but am sure it would not take much to accomplish both features. More “objects” in the control room. 8 monitoring objects and 4 more with the name “cue” are not enough for some of us.

There are only 4 possible cue mixes. And only 8 available sources in total for any monitoring of any kind.

If I have 5 musicians, and each wants their own cue mix… plus a Main Mix, well I have to basically never use the control room for solving this, and route out all my possible channels to a console. Thankfully, I have one which has 10 sends, but creating that headphone monitoring thing takes too long.

If we can get more than 8 sources and I can create more than 4 cues, this opens it up to whatever the client needs. And I don’t have to spend extra time manually making cues on my console.

Otherwise, I have to offer one of those 16 channel “more me” cue mixers, create upt to 16 channels of sends for the instruments, and there is just not enough room for more hardware in here.

Most of the work I do are bands with at least 4 members, and they like to record the basic tracks together. So far I have had to use another DAW when doing this, and then import the basics into Nuendo afterwards.

Oh how I miss giant consoles with tape machines. LOL.

Giant consoles - yes. Tape machines - not so much. :sunglasses:

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Dunno, I had my MCI JH24 until just 4 years ago. Sounded great. No tape emulators have really “gotten it” as far as the sound. They sound too distorted. The only one I do like now is the ATR emulator from UAD. But I do calibrate that, otherwise, just using the presets, sounds way too distorted. Like whoever made the presets had never used the real thing…

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