Feature Request for (Cubase 6)


One feature that I would really like to see implemented in (Cubase 6) is something that the Yamaha Motif Sequencer already offers, and Ableton Live does as well !

Basically, to be able to work in a pattern mode, to assemble clips of musical ideas, and then flatten them in real time, by recording your clip /Pattern triggering to a linear arrangement. (Just like the Motif sequencer offers linking patterns, and then connect the patterns by recording the pattern chain into a linear structure ‘Song’ in motif lingo).

I am aware that I could use the arranger track in Cubase, to assemble an arrangement in a pattern fashion, but taking this concept to the next step, with a dedicated pattern style interface, that is linked to a linear sequencing environment, is what I would like to see added in Cubase 6. (more like what ableton ‘Live’ offers with their ‘Session’ and ‘Arrangement’ views.

Hopefully this is something ‘Cubase 6’ will offer. If it does not maybe a future update will add this extremely useful, and powerful feature to Cubase 6. It surely will add a new dimension to the creative work-flow, and song building ideas, when using Cubase 6.


i wander if Cubase 6 will feature multi-touchscreen technology and be in 3D…or maybe thats a bit too soon hehe

eventually it will have to feature both. Touchscreen has arrived…3D screens and drivers are coming…just a matter of time now. and not far away. As soon as they figure out 3D without having the use the glasses. which will not be long.

imagine seeing your arrange page in 3D…being able to arrange “inwards” as well as across with the blocks…will be amazing!!!

This would be awesome with surround sound, but I think it’s still a few years before it gets to the consumer level. (It’s already being implemented at government levels).

Touchscreen sounds like the future, but I don’t think it will have much use in Cubase, because virtually all controls and functions would be too small for touch screen use (more the size of your finger than technology limitations), can you imagine trying to edit the score editor with your finger? Unless you go back to a primitive chunky screen resolution, touch screen is of no help.

TalentVST with the LazyCompose feature