Feature request for Cubase 7: backup revisions

The way I understand it, in Cubase 6 you can enable auto-save which will then keep a certain number of backup files. The thing is, I may not necessarily want auto-save, but I can’t disable that and still keep 10 backup copies. For Cubase 7, please let us enable EITHER auto-save or backups, and not make one depend on the other as they’re really separate features.


you can disable the auto save function in Cubase. You can find this in the Cubase preferences.

File --> Preferences --> General



I’ve got a multiple strategy, and I expect a few other have similar…

Basically I leave auto-save on and it saves every 5 mins. I also frequently use Ctrl-Alt-S to save extra revisions (i.e. with -1, -2, -3 on the end of the .cpr filename) say after important takes. Then I also save my own revision manually with another incrementing number along with a keyword in the filename so I know what I’ve done or what’s to do (e.g. NiceSong_55_bassToTidy.cpr)… I know, belt and braces, but you’d be suprised at the number of times I’ve needed to go back through my file history to retrieve some old midi or an old effect settting - or when Cubase has corrupted my project file. Finally, I periodically dump all my old .cpr and .bak files into a Development subdir so the top level project folder is tidy. I’ve also got two 2TB external disks which I backup to when I complete a big recording or mixing session!

What I’m saying is that life’s too short, musical creativity is fleeting, studio time is too expensive and disk space is too cheap to risk losing anything, so I take a small amount of time to keep all my backups safe and it has paid off in the past many times.

So, I think the auto-backup system is good as it stands. But, Stienberg, please can we have .bak files automatically go into a subdir??


But when I disable auto-save, Cubase stops creating backup files as well. I’d kinda like to have backups but without auto-save.

Ah, I think you might be thinking that the backup files are the .cpr files before being over-written. They’re not, if you over-write then you lose the original. .bak files are created only by the auto-save function. Does that help?


Ah, yes. Makes sense. I was thinking these were versioned backups, a la Logic Pro. Would be a nice feature to have in Cubase 7 though.

Yes, I do agree. A preference on Save perhaps - Overwrite, Backup, Ask?

And I use incrementing numbers because that’s the only sure way to keep multiple project versions. I do the same with Word, Photoshop, Cubase, virtually everything I do. If the manufacturers or the OS supported versioning then that’d be great.


please , better performance with low latency on macs ( like windows ) .