Feature request for Cubase Amp Rack

I’ve been using the built in guitar Amp Rack in Cubase Pro 8 more and more instead of taking the time and late night noise of micing up my real amps, and have been falling it love with the organic, convincing models.

So, here’s my feature request: I would love to have new versions updated with Orange and HiWatt models!
Having a rackmount custom cab for inserting third party impulses ( thinking of the Red Wirez collection),before the output fx would make this so much more usable.

Also a model of the Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo (tape/analog chorus/spring reverb) delay. Nothing can replace those multi-head delays, and having it work in stereo would be fantastic. I haven’t seen a complete RE-501 Chorus Echo modeled anywhere in a vst, and having all the features of my old real world hardware in one box would be a dream.

Thanks for the wonderful world you’ve created inside of my computer, Steinberg. :slight_smile: