Feature request for Dorico 4 (contemporary notations

Some request I dream of working on Dorico since the very beginning

Be able to put rests between brackets (like noteheads)

Be able to make staves disappear without making notes disappear (for graphic writing)

Be able to freely add extra angles to straight lines, like adding sections to phrasing slurs.

be able to choose the location of the instrument change labels, and to frame them

Thanks you for your amazing work !



Hi Maël,
Welcome to the forum.

I can’t offer any advice on your first three requests, but instrument change labels can be moved around in Engrave mode. You can also scale them using the Properties panel and change the text to whatever you like. I don’t think these labels can be framed.
One workaround would be to create normal text with a border, which can be done in Write mode but Engrave mode will give you more options. Then change the text of the “real” instrument change label to a few spaces. Warning: this will make it very hard to locate if you want to reinstate it later on, as it is now effectively invisible.

I would like those things as well.

I’m just a user like yourself.
Hopefully someone from the Dorico development team will be able to respond to you.

same wishes here!
I think Dorico is prone to get these wish lists, because what they have done until now is so solid, that it sparks the enthusiasm of all of us…I am still hoping for these things:

  • Easier setup-wizard (one thing, where I hate to admit that sibelius is still better)
  • Filter for articulations
  • Easier staff visibility handling…as it is now, it is super powerful, but feels quite time consuming and it is easy to loose track in big scores…
  • More standard shortcuts or/and full OSC Implementation or a built-in macro system
  • More Mallet symbols
  • cross-staff-beaming between pitched and unpitched percussion in one player
  • some more alignment tools in engraving mode
  • active SMPTE counter when adding a film

It would be helpful if you specified which mallet symbols you wish for. Specifics (as in which additional engrave-mode alignment tools) are a lot easier to implement than vague generalities.

I needed to do this just last week. Had to fake it. I hope this is included as well.

Sorry, I didn’t specify because I found a post once about this…see screenshot

I would very much welcome integration between Cubase11 pro and Dorico. As a new hobbyist, I use Dorico to write music and import it to Cubase as a midi file. My keyboard skills are not accurate enough to always play my music in. This step could be simplified. Many thanks
Paul Chambers

Here’s the link in case anyone is interested (the screen shot is essentially illegible…) easy use of symbols

These are the mallets and beaters included in Bravura.
You just have to make your own playing techniques.


I know, I know guys :-)….all I am saying is, that it would be cool to have it built in from the start…