Feature request for future versions

Since it seems to be common that one cannot override notational elements, can we please, in the far future perhaps, have a setting that allows any edit in the piano roll/editors override text items? e.g. tempo, rit, accel, dynamics, etc.

And I know I’ve been requesting this since version 1, but I would love to have a Keyswitch lane, where one can draw any note one pleases without it showing up in the notated staff?

Here’s a request: an instrument filter preset for staves containing data. In larger work, this can be a huge time saver has one doesn’t have to create a different filter for each page/change in the orchestral textures.

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We do plan to add the ability to have a “playback only” voice for an instrument that you could edit in the Key Editor but without it appearing in the score, but I’m not sure when such a thing will actually appear in the software.



Yes - but please! Especially entering keyswitches directly would save many, many hours of work around the expression maps. If only I knew when that might be, ABOUT/MAYBE.

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