Feature request for next iteration (3.x)

It is appreciated this list contains some ‘blue sky thinking’/‘wish list items’ that may already be in development or considered not be be of sufficient priority for progressing.

  1. An up-to-date user guide. The most recent existing user-guide relates to Cubasis 2.

  2. The mixer UI still reverts to song view after completing effect related actions. For global actions, this is not intuitive or user friendly.

  3. Proper audio time stretch where sample speed is not affected by xxxxxxxxx.

  4. External share function (compress/zip and share by Email, AirDrop or other).

  5. In-track/stem time signature and tempo change

  6. Parametric EQ

  7. Notation/score editor for composing/editing/scoring with traditional score

  8. Audio to MIDI conversion

  9. Support for other plugin formats (EXS/SF/SF2/SFZ/VST). Micrologue can theoretically support this as is based on the Retrologue VST engine from Cubase which Steinberg developed.

  10. MIDI learn.

  11. Remapping CCs.

  12. Better automation/manual setting of curves/points. It’s currently only just useable. Presets would be a step on the right direction.

  13. Mixdown to .mp3

13 Enhanced piano roll. The current state is useable but needs improvement.

  1. Quantize to 128. 64 is too limited.

  2. Master tempo track with tempo change.

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Any chance of getting a dedicated drum editor (with acoustic drum sounds) soon?
Its my number one feature request…please make it!!!

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It would be nice if Cubasis 3 took advantage of the iPad Pro’s Promotion 120 hz feature. For all the scrolling and zooming taking place, it would be great if it weren’t so choppy …