Feature Request For Rendered Clips

New to Wavelab having used Sequoia for the last 10 years.
There is one feature I’ll miss greatly in Sequoia.
A colleague urged me to make a feature request, namely:

The ability to render a montage’s clip(s) in-place, with plugins, plugin automation, fades, panning and level information. HOWEVER, with a simple mouse-click, be able to UNRENDER the clip so it reverts to it’s previous state ((in Samplitude/Sequoia this process is called Freeze (single clips) or Glue (multiple clips), subsequently ‘Unfreeze’)).

Upon Unfreezing the original clip(s) returns with original plugins, automation, fades, pan and levels active, same as it was originally.

For example, the excellent Wavelab function of Replacing a file (while keeping the original clip attributes) could be expanded to include ‘Replacing a clip(s) with it’s pre-rendered version’ as an additional feature.

To the extent my ask reflects ignorance of Wavelab functions, apologies in advance.

Also saw this thread which is, practically speaking, the same diff.
If clip automation of all sorts saved with plugin chains, we could easily save DSP by removing chains, and easily revise our work, or apply to a remix. Why We Cannot Save the All Clip Automation Data with the .plugs file? (request)

I’m not sure if it’s been considered for WaveLab 12, but for a long time I’ve been requesting the ability to set clips (and their Clip Effects) or even entire Audio Montage Tracks to be “offline”, or at least Clip Effects “offline” so they are no longer using any computer CPU after you’ve printed or captured a song or project, all the settings are fully retained when the Clips, Clip Effects, or Audio Manage Track are put back online for any revisions, tweaks, etc.

Also, I haven’t had time to test this but I think I heard that as of WaveLab 11.2, if you disable all the FX via the button shown in the screenshot, the plugins no longer tax the computer CPU but they of course retain all their settings (and automation) if you enable them again via that button.

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There is also this setting (see attached) but again, I haven’t had time to see how effective it actually is in real-life use.

Right-clicking on each plugin shows an Active check box. Uncheck, the plugin is switched off, no DSP consumed.
The fix re. my original feature request, solely motivated by a need to minimize DSP usage, would be to add an ‘Active All’ switch controlling all plugins on a clip. A one click method freeing DSP without removing plugins and any automation already written.

although I don’t use it too often, I think possibly creating superclips may do similar to what you need? its not exactly how you require it, but may do the job for you

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I was advised, not surprisingly given my newness to WL, that ‘suspending track plugin processing when audio is silent’ in prefs/audio montage/active audio montage does what I was wanting re. DSP conservation. I can’t recall another app. that I’ve used that did this so effectively, or at all. I mute files after they’ve been used to pitch to the analog chain and recover all DSP for the next song in the project. Excellent. Teach me to not post until I know more about an app, that’s for sure. But thanks, Alex. I have to explore the superclip thing when work slows up.

That’s good to hear. I have honestly not had a chance to study how well this work in real-life scenarios.

I’m on an 88.2 job last couple days. Basslane Pro, TDR EQ-M on insane and Multiplicity on the Ref track pitch files. Not a giant CPU load for one song, but 12 songs with this kit would be a stressor. Once the capture’s made, mute the file. Watching that green line go down gives me great joy and relief! 1 click restoration of everything on the clip should it be revisited. Awesome!

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