Feature Request for Sample Track and Drum Editor

Hi there everyone! I have a request for Matthias Quellmann!

Request for Sample track:

I’ve got some minor request, and it would be aprecciated if Steinberg implement it in a future release.
I personally use sample track for 808 bass triggering, I put it mono and play with glide knob to creat a crazy legato effect (i’m edm producer btw)

But I noticed that when I play a whole C note for e.g and put a quarter E note in octave above (not at the same time but at the half of a whole lower C note) - this do not produce that effect that I’m looking for - I think, that problem is that “sample track” is retriggering the note again - what is not required.

I could do this effect simply in FL Studio, Ableton etc, but I can’t do so in Cubase’s sample track. I hope this description is make a sense, anyway if it’s not that clear, I could try to explain again. Thnx.

An old post about this issue: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=283&t=169374

Request for Drum Editor:

There’s a CC field inside, when I could draw velocity curve etc. Could you, Steinberg make it possible to add CC commands for preloaded VSTi’s knobs, sliders, to manipulate such settings like coarse, fine for particular intruments: hihat, snare. Hope you’ve got the idea. I saw this feature in Studio One where you could pick up any settings from Imact’s sounds and draw the curves in drum editor. That would be awesome in Cubase as well.

An old post about this issue: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=283&t=169377

Thnx in advance!

you should try to post these things in:

Feature Requests and Suggestions

There’s no topic for that! I can’t found it.


you post your suggestions and feature requests in that part of the forum just you would post issues you have using Cubase in the Issues section

Oh, gosh. I found it atlast, thank you, buddy.

Does Steinberg’s employees are watching our requests? :confused:

why wouldn’t they read it? free ideas must be great business :slight_smile:

Yes, sir. You’re right. :stuck_out_tongue:

Steinberg, I tried various ways to manipulate 808 sounds in Sample Track, but it sounds awful!
I can not achieve the same as in this video: https://youtu.be/epFr3HHY6gA?t=355

Here are the same steps as in this video I’m trying replicate in Sample Track, but again…

Hi there, Steinberg and all forum members!

There is a new 11 version of Cubase coming soon and I hope our requests will be heared! Cheers!

Btw, what about CC comand inside drum editor or key editor? Doesn’t anyone want these functions to be able to automate any parameter in the VST inside a drum editor or key editor?