Feature Request for "Wavescope"

In the settings window for the “Wavescope”, we have a “pixels per second” setting, and a checkbox for “same as live spectrogram”. This is great, but I find myself wishing for an option “same as active wav” (same as wav window or wav display in montage). It would be great if it would automatically match the “zoom” level of the active wav display so that as I zoom the wav, the meter automatically adjusts to match. This way, the meter will draw the image at the exact same speed that the cursor is moving for playback in the wav window.

Basically, I want it to look just like the waveform display in the wav window (or montage clip) - just like the gpk, but drawing it in real-time.

So far, I’m really loving the new 9.5… although I’m looking forward to the next update to fix some little issues… most of which PG says have been addressed.

Thanks PG!

Maybe, but the meters, for technical reasons, have some constraints on their zoom range. Therefore, the option would become “same as wav window, if possible”.

That would be great. Thanks PG. I like to use this meter sometimes when I am doing very intense limiting so I can see how squared off the wav image is after processing.

+1, excellent idea