Feature request: formattable timecode


It would be convenient and useful if timecode were something the user could format. Simple options would make a world of difference for instance when writing for acoustic instrument(s) with fixed media, and I’m sure other scenarios as well. Right now it’s stuck with HH:MM:SS:FF. But if you’re not working with video you don’t need frames, in fact it’s just confusing to a player (“what’s that?”). Hours can also be unnecessary.

I’m imagining this would be most convenient as an addition to Layout Options > Markers and Timecode. It could be configurable in three flavors…

Maybe four flavors if MM:SS:FF is at all sensible — maybe it isn’t, I don’t work with video. Anyway I know this has come up in the past but I think it needs reviving, I hope others agree with me. In the meantime I suppose I’ll include the full timecode and then, when the score’s completely done, go in and put white box objects over the hour and frame numbers to hide them, or use white out, or some such thing (LOL).

Love this great program, many thanks!


Thanks for the request, David. I’ve made a note of it, and we will consider this for future versions.

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Thank you, Daniel. I can’t be the only person who’d benefit from such a thing.