Feature request: free copy and pasting in spectral view

I am longing for the frequency independent copy and paste functionality in Wavelab. Simply select a frequency band and copy it anywhere in the frequency domain, resulting often in a pitch shift, of course, of the audio in the clipboard. That would really bring wavelab back to the top of software tools.

What would you use that for?

I’ve used it (in Audition) for correcting individual notes; a crude hack, to be sure (especially when it’s not possible to mark a fundamental and its main harmonics as a group), but it’s also enabled me to make an acceptable rescue of a live recording.

Another approach could be to mark an area and run a pitch-shift algorithm in it; I can also do that in Audition, but I’m not sure about WaveLab.


Well, it is a rescue for mispitched vocals on a live recorded audio. Or it would be very useful when correcting the pitch of single tones of any musical instrument (especially when coupled with automatic upper-harmonic selection which is a must for the next WaveLab version, please). The awkward hack in Audition, described by Paul, which I am forced to use again and again (running pitch shift with the selected spectral area) is extremely time consuming. If this could be done through a copy-paste procedure, that would be terrible (=terrific [thanks, Paul]) upgrade of my workflow.

Terrific rather than terrible, you mean!