feature request: Fullscreen for different windows?

I’d like to make a feature request: the option to have the windows be full screen. A full window of key commands is what I’m personally looking for, but I can see others wanting all the windows to have a full screen option. Hope this gets through.


I want the same thing, it’s great to have split screen, but I would rather have each window be full screen by itself.




Mixer with large faders for better control and values for the volume and panning would be nice.


Is there any reason this is not a feature?

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your report all!

This is an absolute ongoing plan.
Progressively the app will show up with new fullscreen versions of each of the existing main windows.

This is already officially planned for Cubase iC Pro 1.1 which will integrate a fullscreen KeyCommands page.
This latter being requested a couple of times already on this forum.

@Noir: The main reasons are as usual: time and priority. :wink:


Thanks Armand!!

Hmmmmm - 8 years later and still no full screen faders on the iPad for mixing?