Feature Request - Further ease the use of Steinberg software

To all concerned,

I have found lately many people asking “how to” update their software and there seems to be some confusion around how this is actually done without experiencing any adverse consequences.

As there are no inherent issues going from supported updates (notwithstanding previous versions) in the current product cycle, in the past I was aware of there being problems regarding the location of preset files but again this has been resolved for the current cycle, as there were no known issues insofar as I am aware in relation to key commands and preferences or other such files in the Application Data Folder however Mediabay attributes may otherwise not be retained if file locations change.

The only problem therefore that I can see is so-called “color templates” so can steinberg please have these in XML format using color tables available from w3c?

If so I believe the software would be very well placed to have zero issues when upgrading moving forward.

Thank you all for attending.

Anyone with any “brains” would look to the update announcement threads to see if there are any issues with the installation of the update itself. Some people don’t seem to have enough “brains” to figure that out on their lonesome. They should go back to using a Close-N-Play for their DAW. And I don’t mean you, brains. :wink:

Hey pinata - “on behalf of the group and ourself”, thanks for your help on this and the other thread. I was definitely skittish after reading about the travails of those who didn’t have a smooth update. At least I know now there’s not some key prep I was in danger of leaving out -