Feature Request: GA to Sampler Track-L or R channel in Sampler Track-Mono across Tracks (Cut by)

Hi there,

I’m using Cubase now for 7 years focusing on a fast and creative Hip Hop production workflow with a touch of quality. I try to keep it as short as possible to the 3 toppics :smiley:

1. Groove Agent to Sampler Track
To get a idea which snare drum sounds the best, I started to implement a couple of snares into GA → now you can easily switch the key to get to the different snaredrum styles.
You can also prepare a GA with your favourite sounds → super nice so far…

now if I want to rout each sound to a single output (because I want to use a send fx or inserts) it starts getting very messy ( I know it’s possible but super time intense - you have to find the right pad and link it to the outs)

also you just can change the pitch by using automations instead of drawing the midi notes like in sampler track (for example snare rolls/fills).

So what I’m looking for is a button called: “convert2Sampler Tracks”

  1. you dropped your samples into GA
  2. you drew in the midi you you want
  3. you press the convert2Sampler Tracks
  4. Cubase now detects the PAD you are using actively (midinotes). It converts each of the played pads into a single Sampler Track

→ now you can easily go more into detail (PAN - SENDfx - Play on different keys etc).

2. Decide L or R channel in Sampler Track

Because I like to have a clean stereofield I like to drop in my Drums in Mono. This way it sounds way cleaner to my ear. If you want to do this you have to “import it twice” → first into the project and telling Cubase to seperate the lanes while importing. Then you can drag and drop the mono into the Sampler track.
Would be great to have a button: S/L/R

  1. By default it’s on S (Stereo)
  2. You press it once it’s on L (Left Channel)
  3. You press it twice it’s on R
  4. YOu press it three times it’s on S again

3. Monofunktion across different Tracks (Cut by)

The following scenario:
I use 2 different bass synths. #1 Plays in the verse, #2 in the hook right after. The problem is that in the area of ​​​​the synth change there are inconsistencies due to the overlap, i.e. While one synth is still dying out, the second one is already starting.

This can be easily solved within a track using mono mode.
In the Groove Agent you can also use the “Exclusive Mode” to set several pads to an “Exclusive Mode” channel and only one of the pads can play at the same time → great thing.

Fruity loops called this function “cut by ”. Works like the “Exclusive Mode”, but this synthesizer can operate across tracks.

If there are questions or problems of understanding feel free to contact.
Greets W

For 1) I think the easiest way to get close right now is to create an Audio Track and set it’s Input to the GA’s Output. Now play whatever you want in GA and Record it to the Audio Track. When finished drag the Audio Part into a Sampler Track.

For 2) Check out the Stereo Combined Panner it lets you set the left & right edges of the Panorama independantly.

Thanks for your time raino. Totally get your points but in my opinion this is in time of AI way to time intense. I want to make the machine work, not the user. Just imagine you are using 20 pads. Would you like to drag and drop samples and midi manually? It’s destroying the flow of creativity (When your mind is faster then how you can work in the programm it’s time to develop) (1)

Also the combined panner is not seperating the channels. It’s a possibility of width control (2)

Just suggesting what you might do right now rather than waiting five years, or forever, for a feature request to maybe get implemented.

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