Feature Request? Get HD Files into Lanes

I’m new to VST Connect Pro, but after testing between two machines on my LAN, I’m ready to try it “in the wild”.

One behaviour I notice: when I record my performer through multiple takes, and then Get HD Files, the files all end up in the same lane. Can that behaviour perhaps be changed to mimic recording “takes” into separate lanes, as it does locally?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the suggestion. It is on our list, we’ll let you know when we got it.

+1! :smiley:

This happened to me yesterday - with lots of vocal stacks and harmonies- I’m still trying to sort it all out. https://youtu.be/Csjk7oqUS8g


… we have added the feature. It will be available with the next update.

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So I just came up against this problem after recording with a performer and “grabbing” the HD files. They all loaded on top of each other on one track. I found a workaround on the forum and was able to get them separated into lanes, but the sync was out of whack.

Has the issue problem been fixed in both Pro 4.0.44 (which is what I’m using) as well as Pro 5.01?

Once I got my head wrapped around VST Connect (many thanks to fuzzydude’s help), it’s been a lifesaver – especially in these pandemic times – to be able to record remotely. Thanks to all who’ve worked on it.

… lane support was added, I think, to version 4.0.45 and so for 5.0.x

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That’s great – except Steinberg Download Assistant only offers 4.0.44 for Pro 4, not 4.0.45. Bummer!

Update: 4.0.45 is available on Download Assistant. I haven’t had the chance to try it yet, but I’s hoping that it rectifies the not saving HD files in lanes problem.