Feature request: Glissando (Wavy) key command

Unless I’m mistaken, there’s currently no way to assign a key command to create a wavy (or wiggly, Dorico doesn’t seem to be consistent with the naming) glissando. Even if I’ve set Engraving Options/Glissando Lines/Design/Glissando Line Appearance to Wiggly, assigning a key command to Note Input/Create Glissando and applying it will always result in a Straight Line gliss being entered. It would be very useful to either be able to assign a shortcut to create a wavy glissando, or to have the Create Glissando key command reflect the default setting in Engraving Options. Thanks for considering!

(I know this has been requested before, but it would also be great to be able to drag select staves and apply glisses to multiple staves at once too.)

If you’re prepared to edit your keycommands_en.json file outside of Dorico, this can be achieved.
I’ve laid out the principles here.

You’ll need to graft the following into the kWriteMode context:

						"UI.InvokePaletteButton?PaletteIndicatorID=kOrnamentsGlissandoWavy&PaletteSectionID=kOrnamentsGlissandiPanel&PropertyButton=false&UseLocalOverride=0" : [ "§" ]

(where § is the keyboard shortcut you want to use)

Note that this will always give you a wavy gliss, regardless of how your Engraving Options are set.

Thanks Leo! I’ve never edited a json file before but am definitely interested in pursuing this. However, I amended your text to the end of the kWriteMode context and it doesn’t seem to do anything. JSONLint says it’s a valid JSON, but the command still doesn’t do anything in Dorico. Obviously I’ve messed something up, but here’s a screenshot of the line I added in context, any idea what I did wrong?

Hmm. Your screenshot (specifically the presence of the Shift+I command above) leads me to think that perhaps you’ve edited the factory keycommands JSON within the Program directory, rather than the user keycommands JSON in %APPDATA%\Steinberg\Dorico 3. Still, that shouldn’t actually matter (though it’s bad form - you might find that the next time you update Dorico you lose this shortcut). Is there a possibility that you’ve already assigned Shift+G to something else? (For what it’s worth, I’ve cross-referenced your screenshot against what I typed, and there’s no discrepancy apart from the choice of shortcut. I double-checked and I can make Shift+G work here just fine).

Yes, you’re right. I edited it in the AppData folder and now it works great! Thanks!!! This opens up all sorts of other shortcut possibilities too!