Feature Request: Global Display Presets 1-9

Hi, especially because FFT size has an impact on some of the algorithmic processes, it would be very useful to have a bunch of quick access Global display presets (with hotkey assignments) in the display bar.

This would be global saved, ie, what ever setting you save to Preset 1, will be available in any instance of Spectralayers both ARA2 and standalone and any new Cubase/DAW project until it is saved over.

It would also be great, if the 1-9 presets could themselves be able to be saved as a preset set. So I could have a set of 1-9 presets saved as “Repair Presets” and another preset saved as “Project Catastrophe”

That’s a good idea !
I will probably implement this when implementing tools presets as well.

Awesome, it will be important, because someone may want to get consistent results across multiple events/files, this will save them from having to always be writing down the FFT size