Feature request: Glue notes automatically with region glue

Here’s what I would like to be able to do:

  1. Globally cut/paste material in the middle of a section
  2. Glue the regions in the point where the global split occurs
  3. Have notes that repeat at the glue point also become glued at this point, so long notes carry over this point without further action

This shouldn’t be default behavior, because it would produce unexpected behavior for joining regions with repeated notes. But it would be really nice to have as e.g. a Glue tool modifier key to do this.

At the very least, the Glue tool should work across regions in the Key Editor. Now selecting all the notes from multiple regions and using it, only the topmost region has its notes glued. So on a session with a lot of tracks, it takes a lot of unnecessary effort to “heal” global cuts and pastes.

Anyone here using any workarounds for this? It doesn’t seem really feasible to write a script either, because there’s no keyboard shortcut (why, Steinberg?) for merging seleted notes, and of course notes don’t tend to be in the same place on the screen for simulated mouse clicks…

Not entirely sure what you mean, but +1 for more shortcut keys about glue.

For example, ‘glue selected’ would be great so we can select a part and click a shortcut to glue it to the next rather than using the mouse. Then obviously we get macro control too, and operation with the range and selection tool.

Feature Request #2 - Global Copy/Paste with overlapping parts in tact. I.e. if a part starts before or ends after the range then that section is also included in the copy/paste. This I would find most useful to avoid losing the starts of sample which are beat aligned but start before the beat, or up-beats, or long sustains at the end say the chorus.

I personally find that when I do a global copy/paste then I have to go in and look at the boundaries and tidy them up, or copy extra bits which got chopped off.

In fact, I try not to use global copy/paste, and rather prefer to ‘insert silence’ then manually copy in the parts that I want (because then I get the overlapping sections too and it’s all a bit more obvious what I’m pasting in).


Yeah it’s often better to manage it that way.

Just a small addition to my first post: it looks like the glue tool works across tracks using the In-Place Editor instead of Key Editor, so that’s a small workaround for that one.