Feature request: GPU Interface rendering

Dear Steinberg, can you please implement GPU rendering of Cubase’s interface (like Fabfilter and Flux did with their plugins for example). I am sure this can provide real benefits in overall software usage and performance. :slight_smile:

+1. Great idea. But maybe it’ll make another lot of bugs…? Maybe not. Today most of video cards are nVidia, Intel or ATI. Not many options to bugs.

Amazes me how many post without looking for the correct forum, even when it’s right in front of their face. :unamused:

N8, you are such a grump.


Problem is these forums are like a filing cabinet that someone turned upside down, shook out and then turned the fan on high. :wink:

But you are adding to the noise. Relief for you, grief for others…

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OOC: what would GPU rendering of Cubase’s interface do?

If this was to happen would we then get a time line that doesn’t stutter like the hamster died on the wheel.
It’s better than it used to be but…

I dunno cubase is such a complicated program that allows cmplicated programs to run inside of it while running on top of a complicated program in a complicated computer set up…

If they did this then maybe there would be a way for Cubase to Static scroll…

Where the point of play is the stationary and the track scrolls past it…
That would be awesome!

you can do a stationary cursor in cubase 7. dont remember if its the default key command to switch or just in my system.
try Alt+C or just assign a key command , see under transport in key commands .

File -> Preferences -> Transport -> Select “Stationary Cursors”

**… thanks!!
But now I have to change my original post:

If they did this then maybe there would be a way for Cubase to Static scroll…> SMOOTHLY


It runs smooth for me. Sometimes it will blink but it eventually corrects itself.

Depends on your graphic card and selected latency I think. I have a desktop with nvidea, it stutters/scrols “delayed” on 128 samples with most projects but behaves much better with higher latencies, my laptop reacts much better always, much faster scrolling and no screen" hickups"…(??) I would expect the opposite, but this is what I see…

No issues with NVidia here.

Same card? See my sign.

Cubase7x appears to at least link opengl32.dll. What it does with it who knows. In general, if a GPU is available to windows when opengl apis are called then the library will try to use it.