Feature request: Grace Notes (Select More)

Sorry if this is already possible and I’ve missed it, but it would be great if there was at least an option to always include grace notes when clicking a note and using Select More. Grace notes are notes after all (regardless of how Dorico thinks of them), and if I’m selecting a note and using Select More to select a longer passage, I almost always am going to want any grace notes contained in the passage to be selected as well. It seems strange that they would be excluded in this context. In any case, the user can always use Filter/Deselect/Grace Notes if they don’t want them selected in a highlighted passage after using Select More. To include them, obviously holding down Ctrl then applying Select More after clicking a grace note will add them to the selection, but if the music visible on screen during the initial Select More pass didn’t include any grace notes, it is easy for the user to miss that they aren’t being selected.

Thanks for considering!

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll stick this on the backlog.