Feature request: Gracenote metadata upload

I have a lot of customers, who order CD-Text - but as this isn’t very useful, they order Greacenote entries too.
My workflow is now, that I use a tool from “Doug’s Apple script”, to import CD-Text into Apple Music. And then I upload the data from there. Works most of the times (except for the genre, which becomes always Pop for whatever reason).
How much nicer would it be, to upload it directly from Wavelab!
I wouldn’t mind paying a license for this, as my customers pay for this service.
It seems, as if Apple Music is the only available interface to do this at the moment?
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Yes. I had requested this a long time ago but nothing ever happened. I think the licensing of Gracenote to implement into WaveLab was too expensive back then. Maybe something has changed.

But yeah, I do the same thing by burning a CD-R, using Doug’s Script to populate the CD-Text to CD Info so then I can submit the CD Info to Gracenote via Apple Music app.

Then, I throw away the CD-R which is a waste of time and plastic.

It would be nice if it could be done via WaveLab.

I once had a cheap PC laying around to do it using the actual Gracenote app but I gave up on that approach and it still required a CD-R to be burned.

I don’t know, but if this is not free today, this won’t happen.

Couldn’t you ask Nielsen?
There once was the Quintessential Media Player on Windows, and I think WinAmp - and they could do it for free. Apple Music too…

Thank you,

Thanks, Justin!
I’m using erasable CD-Rs for this task. It’s not possibe to erase them in the WL dialogue, but DDP Creator can do this.