feature request: graphic slices format preferences

I’ve seen a few feature requests for tweaking the graphic slices tool, but haven’t yet found this one. I’d love to be able to set the formatting preferences for exporting graphics. For example, I always use .png files at a resolution of 600. Kind of a pain to have to set this manually every time.
Thanks for considering this.

+1. It would be nice if this was sticky and just remembered the last used settings. Or perhaps had a Preferences setting to specify a default file type, color, and resolution.

(Specifying exact height and width of a slice would be great too! The user can figure it out now, but … math.)

Thanks for the suggestion, David. I’ve made a note of it, and we’ll definitely consider this for the future.

Thanks, Daniel. Just one thing about Fred’s suggestion. If setting additional specs were an option, great. But only if they were OPTIONAL. Restricting too many parameters would make this tool less usable for some of us.
Just my two cents.