[Feature Request] grid based envelopes for audio events

One thing I find indespensable when working with tempo based audio material is the ability to shape certain parameters of an audio file based on tempo grid. In Live you can change volume, pitch and lots of other parameters in steps based on 8ths, 16ths or whatever notes. You always see the waveform behind the transparent envelope and so it is very easy to decide which transient/hit to change.
When I open the envelope in Cubase I get a small window with no grid and the env only applies to volume. And the gain feature is as hard to find as the envelope: in the audio window, then choose effects, then choose gain. It’s a bit of a nightmare. I just don’t use it as it is now.
It should be implemented in the sample editor where the hitpoints and variaudio tabs are.
Does this feature have a chance? Any supporters?


Sounds cool, I agree about making gain a little more accesible.

Hi Stiller - Can you explain a little more what feature you are accessing … which envelope in Cubase are you referring to?

Can the automation windows be used to do the shaping you are talking about (except for pitch)?

Hi alexis,
I am refering to the envelope which is hidden in the menu Audio->Effects->Envelope (I just translated from the German menu). This brings up a small window where you can edit the volume for the previously selected Audio Event. This envelope is restricted to volume, hard to access and totally independent from tempo/grid. Bad for working with loops where you just want to silence each 8th note for example or pitch up the first snare or something. Cubase does allow volume changes for individual slices, which would introduce some kind of grid dependance, but then you also have to choose from the menu Audio->Effects->Gain and determine hitpoints before. It’s just not the same.

In Live you draw the envelope over the waveform - perfect visual feedback. You can choose whether you want to draw being locked to the grid or not. Locked to grid results in parameter changes that look like “stairs” or steps. Unlocked gives you the freedom of gradients.

Not sure which automation window you are refering to.

Thanks, Stiller, I never noticed that.

Make a Audio Part of an Event and open the Audio Editor (not the Sample Editor).
Chop up your part and then use the fade handles.
Maybe not what you asked for but useful anyway? :smiley:

No at all. :frowning: I guess only those can miss this feature who worked with Live before. It’s one of those things, if you don’t know it, you don’t know what you’re missing but afterwards, you ask yourself how you lived without it.

A shame that this whole feature request thing has no official section and no one from Steinberg chimes in either. It would dramatically improve Cubase in the field of dealing with audio/loops.