Feature request: Group channel settings in arrange page


Pardon me if I am duplicating any other post, but I keep coming up against this in my workflow.

I create a Group in the arrange page - say to control a bunch of BVs
Next I would like to be able to right-click and ‘Load selected channel’
I can do this now, but only by scrolling through the mixer to find the group and applying channel setting from there
Similarly with audio channels, I can right click and load a track preset, but not a mixer setting.

It seems to me that audio track presets and channel settings kind of crossover each other and could be better organised and groups could either have presets or channel settings - by whatever name that can be applied from either location. Could the main outputs be included in this too?

Finally, why not add ‘Route selected channels to New Group’ - like the New Folder option that appeared a while back? I know that you’d have to determine group type eg Mono, Stereo, but it would be another useful labour saver. This bit I am sure has been mentioned before.

Thanks and seasonal greetings to everyone.