FEATURE REQUEST: Group/Folder Tracks

I’m primarily a Cubase 6 user but I also use Ableton Live sometimes and their current implementation of Group tracks is awesome. Any single track that you put in a Group (which acts like a Folder track in Cubase) automatically has it’s output routed to the group’s output. It’s like a hybrid of a group and a folder. If a track is in the folder it’s physically inside and gets automatic routing to the master fader for the group.

I wouldn’t want this to replace the current “Folder Track” as that has it’s uses but for a lot of the grouping I do it would be more convenient to have the routing all done automatically. An option to have the track contents inherit the Group/Folder Track colour wouldn’t hurt either.


I think that would be great if Cubase could implement something like this in a future update! Personally, I would love to see see Cubase 6.5 or 7 “borrow” more ideas from Ableton Live like Ableton style macros (maybe they could integrate this with Quick Controls?) and a better Arranger Track…

Definitely this should not replace current implementation of folder tracks. That would be a huge step backwards. Groups and folders are different animals. But optional combined group+folder is a neat idea.

basically you’re asking for individual tracks to move underneath it’s grouptrack once asigned to a subgroup,
you can do that manually if you want. Defo don’t want that as default behaviour

there is a difference between grouptracks and subgroups for a reason. better to learn to understand Cubase workflow better. It’s NOT Ableton (and i’m VERY glad it ain’t)

No, that’s not it. I want to be able to physically move single tracks into a group or folder and have the routing all (and colour potentially) done automatically, thus saving time. Especially with Instrument Tracks where you have to open either the full mixer or track inspector window to change output routing. Why output routing can’t be set in the left side panel on Instrument Tracks makes so sense… but that’s an another thread all together.

I understand how to use both grouptracks and subgroups as I use them regularly. I’m simply looking for an different way of working in addition to these. I didn’t say I wanted Cubase to be Ableton Live… I am primarily a Cubase user and have been since Cubase version 1 (the first time around) in 1990. I just think this is a great feature that exists and is implemented well in Live and would make a solid addition to the Cubase product.

Glad to hear that others would find this useful too :slight_smile: