Feature Request - Hardware Inserts Versatility

I have an outboard stereo EQ that I like to use sometimes. It functions as either one “stereo” eq, or two seperate “mono” eqs. I would like a faster way to switch the hardware insert plugin from the stereo to mono version without having to go into the VST connections window to rewire everything constantly. I have been setting up 2 mono versions and one stereo version in the connections window - and then rerouting all of the inputs & outputs every time I want to use mono plugins instead of stereo, or a stereo plugin instead of mono.

Potential solution:

When loading a stereo hardware insert plugin into a mono channel, imagine if Cubase presented a choice to use either the left or the right side of the plugin. Then, cubase makes the other side of the plugin available still to load onto another mono channel if I want. Also, if I load a stereo version again at any time, Cubase asks me if I want to remove the mono versions currently being used. I respond, “yes”, and it unloads them from the other channels & loads the stereo version.

The advantage to this solution, is nothing ever needs to be rewired in the VST connections window. I just have a single stereo version of the plugin. I wouldn’t have to create 2 other mono versions.

I do not know if this is the best solution, but it would sure save me some time. I am so tired of constantly rewiring back & forth between the two versions in the VST connections window!!! Please consider this in the NEAR future Steinberg. I have yet to find a FAST workaround. If anyone knows of a FAST workaround in the meantime, please let me know.


Please? :slight_smile:

Bitte? :smiley:

yep. hardware inserts are a pita. Been complaining about it for a while.

It’s such a great feature - especially with the “ping” option… I just hope they make it a tiny bit more versatile. It takes forever to switch between the mono and stereo versions.