Feature request: Have a docked window with automation lanes at bottom of Play screen

Currently in Play mode, each piano roll has the option to have a single automation lane under it.

My request is to have the choice of having a dock of one or more automation lanes at the bottom of the window instead, similar to a tradition piano roll view in Cubase. It would show the relevant automation lanes for whatever track is selected.


  • You can see more tracks at the same time, and there is less need to scroll up and down.
  • It saves clicks since you don’t have to collapse and expand the lanes you want to edit.
  • You can see multiple automation parameters at the same time, for example velocity, vibrato, bow pressure and/or breath pressure.
  • You could show/hide the docked lane window with one key command or click when you don’t need them.

Please consider it, and thank you for reading my requests. :slight_smile:

We do plan to have the ability to show multiple controller lanes at once, in due course. We haven’t given much thought to the idea of implementing something like Cubase’s Lower Zone, but we will give it some consideration.

Thanks. The idea comes from wanting to see multiple lanes for a single track, but the page would become very long and convoluted if every track had multiple lanes under them.