Feature Request: Having Project Notepad

Manytimes, we are working on past projects on different machines or environment. It would be nice to have “project notepad” that one can put anything regarding the project not just like the ones in channels.

I know we can use the channel inspector’s Notepads, but sometimes if there are many tracks we get lost.

There is a project notepad, what it needs is better formating and support for pictures.

It exists. I use it all the time in pretty much every song at some point. It’s in the menu under Project > Notepad.

-1 for pictures (how do you even imagine this?)
+1 for markdown support

So Nuendo 10 has something called Music Cue Sheet, which contains info on the audio/midi/plugins used which you can export, I guess it will come to Cubase in v11. You can export it as a spreadsheet and put it in the same folder as your project, or copy/paste it into the Project Notepad, double up just in case.

scroll down to see it in action.

This is something I had requested a while back, ideally, I would have liked to see the VST preset name and the bank it came from if used/available.