Feature request (heresy, I know, but…)

… would it be possible to have (or can I already) map/assign stop playing (etc) to the Escape key - as in Sibelius, please?

Muscle-memory, don’t you know :wink:.

You can map that in the Preferences > Key Commands, but you’ll find that Esc is already mapped to UI.Escape so you’ll need to override / change that.
Space bar is a bigger key to hit… and probably more common a start / stop option across various programs.

Thanks, John. Yes Spacebar to stop anything (from) moving is an established convention, of course.

I’m so used to being able to bring everything to a standstill with ESC in Sibelius. After hitting it twice, I can do no harm.

Did Steinberg’s UI tests reveal that Space does become more intuitive after time?

I don’t think I want to risk overriding Steinberg’s defaults, though :slight_smile: .

Intuitive just means familiar. An intuitive interface is one that provides consistent visual cues and methods: once you’ve learnt how to do one thing, you apply what you’ve learnt to everything else, and it works.

Retraining your memory for a new set of keys should take a fortnight at most. The most programmable computer is the one in your head. :wink:

The trick is to use lots of different computer systems and applications. After a while, they all reach the same level of (un)intuitiveness. But after that varied experience, you probably know pretty well “what you want to do,” which makes it easier to find out “how to do it”.

I’m slowly steering away from top left to bottom centre :slight_smile:

It’s a slow go for me that way with note-duration keys. Twenty years of ‘5’ meaning ‘quarter-note’, and now it’s ‘6’. But it’s coming. My brain already has ‘4’ for sixteenths down, and the others will come with practice.

I may go ahead and switch those key-bindings, but I’m not attached to any other key commands from Finale.


I have absolutely nothing against Dorico’s changing everything. I know I’ll get used to it in time.

ESC just seems such a homely and obvious way of halting things and preventing further Play/Entry/Sound/Editing etc.

ESC was the key of choice to suspend everything/anything in many applications on the BBC Micro, where it/I all started.