Feature request: hide slash region or create blank notation region

I looked just about everywhere except “Notes”. :man_facepalming:



I removed the beat grouping change and the dots returned as expected.

When I changed the Engraving Option to hide rhythm dots, the dots hid in the full bars but not in the half-bar.

I tried deleting the entire slash region and re-entering it, but the result was the same.

That’s the designed behaviour, I’m afraid. If the slash region doesn’t fill the whole bar, then you need to include the rhythm dots so that the bar adds up.

I made the half-bar blank by adding notes and setting the Custom Scale property to 1%.

I see nothing in that half bar in a monochrome PDF zoomed in as far as possible in Apple’s Preview , but I’m wondering if the software used by a professional print shop might detect and print something there. (I’ve never used anything other than an inexpensive home-office laser printer. This chart is for a song book that will probably printed via a digital printer rather than offset, but that’s yet to be decided.)

Does a Custom Scale setting of 1% truly hide objects?

I seem to recall you should use a colour pdf. Search the forum for various threads on this.


From the manual:

”… if you export graphics files in PDF format for direct printing on a platesetter or for further production work in a page layout program, select Mono, unless your layout actually contains colored elements.”

You might be thinking of another solution for hiding objects, which is setting their opacity to zero. That only works for color PDFs, and I need monochrome.

see Hiding notes and rest - #19 by jesele

That doesn’t answer my question - Jesele is just guessing (they wrote “I think”).

I’m looking for an answer from someone with direct experience of the specific situation described in my post: exporting a monochrome PDF from Dorico and using it in a document that is printed by a professional shop.

A custom scale of 1% does not completely hide something, but it does mean that it will draw so small that it will be invisible to the eye when it is printed. Provided you can’t see the item (e.g. at 1600% zoom), you won’t see it in the printed output.


amazing tip to get rid of bar rests behind lines! thank you!
I just replaced the slashes with 3 spaces (old trick), so the region could be still selected.


My problem is with 12/8 meter. If I group as [2+2+2+2+2+2]/8 (see Ex. A below), the chords are grouped incorrectly. If I group [3+3+3+3]/8 (see Ex. B below), I get the dots from the dotted quarter notes in the measures I want blank. Has there been any progress on this issue?

Thank you.

Example A uses beam grouping [2+2+2+2+2+2]/8

Example B uses beam group [3+3+3+3]/8

Use hidden tuplets to put 4 quarters in the space of 6 where you want to subsequently hide the notes.

Thank you. Good suggestion.